Question about collecting node data in GOSMORE

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This is first time to post here.
I am master degree student involved in routing project. Our project decide to use OSM and GOSMORE to develop.

So far I could handle well by looking for information in this forum. Now I have routing web sever using OSM and GOSMORE.

But I guess I meet big trouble.
Our project will consider speed data between nodes taking real road speed.
We can collect real speed data from local web site. But as the position of latitude, longitude and name between OSM and Local website is totally different, there needs mapping process.

Our main system is GOSMORE now, so I need to see all node data from GOSMORE which means I need GOSMORE node collection in interesting area.
I though that GOSMORE nodes are in gosmore pak file which was rebuilt from OSM map data.

In fact, I found node data while debugging gosmore like below
{wayPtr = 31272568, lat = 466227875, lon = 1519180230, other = {14, -30}}
that including way pointer, latitude, longitude and other connecting points.

Since I think this is node data, I want to collect all above data in interesting place. But I do not know how.
Is there any way to find all node data in current GOSMORE algorithm or using other ways?

As one way, I found below xml data from

those nodes in certain place can be extracted that I expected.

I guess it is useful because node data in openstreetmap is converted into GOSMORE during rebuilding process.

However, I cannot find connecting point between node data in GOSMORE and xml data even though both data point same location. (different node ID)
I tested it by finding wayPtr after collecting existable place from openstreetmap and comparing node ID or place ID in xml data. There is no match.

Again,I want to collect node data in GOSMORE and discern it whenever I want to match it from node position in local website.

Please teach me how to collect and use node data in gosmore pak file

Thank you

Juyup Sung.

I’ve forwarded your question to the Gosmore developer. I hope he has time to answer your questions.

Thank you for your quick reply.

Hope to find answer!

So if he has time to post answer, I can see it here?

Yes, it might take a few days as he’s on holiday. But perhaps he finds time to answer earlier.

Edit: I see you posted the same question in the routing mailinglist as well. The author might choose to answer your question there instead of here. I don’t know.

I see,

Right, I posted same topic again in routing mailinglist with hope.
I spent almost week for this so now I am quite desperate… :frowning:

Thank you again!


Gosmore removes the node and way IDs to save space and reduce caches misses.

I guess it’s possible to add the node ID to the node structure. Then disable it with conditional compilation.

But it’s not nearly as important as other features, such as working on the YOURS javascript and improving the Android port.