question about a new layer

Can i uo my own layer in OMS?


Jorge Puerta

OSM perhaps? :slight_smile:

Depends what you mean by your own layer. Do you mean a layer of data? OSM is not GIS based, all data is recorded together. Take a look at the component overview.

If you mean a layer in the OpenLayers sense on the main slippy map then I very much doubt it but you could ask.

I hope this helps but really we need more information to answer your question properly.

very thanks friend

i need to up my own layer with my own information about maps of noise, all this is to my graduated project

thanks for your help

Jorge Puerta

As Alex says, you can’t add your own layers to the slippy map on
But you can easily put Openlayers on your own website. You can have OSM maps as a base layer, and add whatever overlays you like on top of it.
There’s some basic info and links to examples here:

Maybe something like the OpenLayers osm file example listed there would work? It depends on what format your data layer is in.

ok friend very thanks, i’ll read it this examples

thanks again

Jorge Puerta

Jorge, you might like to take a look at Mike Migurski’s crime map experiments.
Perhaps noise data could be visualised as a heat map as well?

Vclaw’s suggestion to make use of OpenLayer’s vector capabilities is a great idea. You can use that to provide interaction with your data too.

Let us know how you get on and if you need further help. :slight_smile:

hello again friends…

i was working in the spatial data base, my quiestion is : ¿is my layer these dates?

how can i join these dates with OMS ?

alex McKee :
your examples are goods, but the server google maps isnt free and OSM is a server free
if i dont found another api, i think ill make this project with the api google maps

Jorge Puerta