Querying OSM to find forests+woods?


I’d like to find all the woods and forests in a given region. The following times out even at 60s, so I suspect it’s not the right way to query OSM.

Any idea?

Thank you.


map_to_area -> .searchArea;

//BAD: Returns bunch of dots

//BAD: Times out

out body;
out skel qt;

For any sizeable area, e.g. a country, state or province, I really recommend you to download a geographic extract in PBF format from the Geofabrik website:


And then use e.g. Jochen Topf’s “Osmium Tool” (in the “Synaptic Package Manager” of Ubuntu listed as “osmium-tool”) to extract all the woods and forests. Jochen gave an example query for that on this webpage under the heading “10. Filtering by tags”:


I have used this workflow with success for extracting all woods and forests of a 50GB planet download.