Query String Question: How to do similar to [name~Winery] (i.e.)

Greetings -

New to the forum.

When running queries on the OSM site, if you want to get features that have the word “Winery” in them you use “[name~Winery]” as the query string.

Is there something similar that can be used in the ArcMap OSM tools, specifically I have adapted the “OSM - Download Using XAPI” tool to perform a table list of queries. It does not like having the “wave dash” (~) as the operand, and so I need something similar to “%Winery%” or “Winery”. Does this exist such that it can be used in an automated OSM query via the XAPI?

My original query looks like:

…which results in a “Bad Request” response.

I have tried encoding the ~ as such:

…also to no avail.

Thanks in advance…