Query ran out memory/using more memory than expected

I’m trying to get a road object at a certain coordinate. So I use a coordinate + .000000001 to define a bounding box and I get the following error. My code can pull a bounding box with the default coordinates from the example on the wiki but cannot otherwise. I’ve also tried expanding the RAM but I shouldn’t need to do that.
The coordinates:
“42.524007933730296”, “-83.55793322299957”
overpy.exception.OverpassRuntimeError: runtime error: Query run out of memory using about 16282 MB of RAM.
I’m using python and the overpy module:
import overpy
api = overpy.Overpass()
f2 = float(42.524007933730296)
f1 = float(42.524007933730296)+.00000000000000000001
f4 = float(-83.55793322299957)
f3 = float(-83.55793322299957)+.00000000000000000001
qS1 = “[out:json];way(”+str(min(f1,f3))+“,”
qS2 = str(min(f2,f4))+“,”
qS3 = str(max(f1,f3))+“,”
qS4 = str(max(f2,f4))+“);out;”
queryString = qS1+qS2+qS3+qS4
result = api.query(queryString)

I ended up figuring it out. Longitude and Latitude coordinates have to be put in backwards to get the correct bounding box. There should be either more documentation or adherent to standards with regard to something like this.