QLandKarte GT connection with Garmin GPSMAP62s

Q1:By working with QLandKarte GT, I could not shake-hands with my GPSMAP62s, it said this feature is not implemented, although I had read that was possible. My intention is to transfer Map and Data between QlandKarte GT and GPS…Meanwhile, I came across with name of a program, which should make the transferring GPS-QLandKarte and vice versa possible:
“KDE’s device manager”
However, I could not find a link to download and install the software. Anyone has an idea about this program and worked with it and can give me a hint where to download? Thanks.
Q2: QlandKarte GT, “Load Map”, the recognized files are restricted to *.JNX, *.QMAP, *.TDB, *.RMAP
pls notice there is no *.IMG selection. When I select *.tdb it shows all of a sudden the *.img files (tiles).
I can NOT select all the images, only one by one. Is there another mode or possibility, to place/load several *.img files to QlandKarte GT, (in order to make a proper map), if so how? Thanks

P.S.: Windows 7, GPSMAP62s, GPSMAP60SCx