QGis experts here?

I try to “work” with QGis but the dont like me. :roll_eyes:
The Gov. offer me “open data” who be nice but I have to process them before I can use it.
The Data can be change every day or week. Process it by hand is insane.
So how I can make it Automaticly?

I think you can do some magic in QGIS via python scripts.

Buz your question is very vague.

If you want helpful answers, I recommend to ask by describing an example.

Or try to ask about your aim (with detailed description) at


I use: http://data.wien.gv.at/daten/geo?version=1.1.0&service=WFS&request=GetCapabilities
When I select for example:
When I select:
the layer are seperate. how to get them together?!

no idea?

Is there any working QGis Forum who can help me?!
I have a lot of trouble to get that stuff working. :frowning:

Your question is confusing as the capabilities statement is for WFS layers, but the links you post are WMS layers. The WMS layers are not available in the WFS data set. Please make your question more precise and ask in an appropriate forum such as GIS StackExchange. This is off topic for this forum which is OSM specific.

WMS layers are tiled raster data. It is not possible to combine them as a single layer. You can, however, just add the two separate WMS layers in a single QGIS project.

  1. Add Layer, choose WMS, fill in the details in the dialog from
  2. Save the Project (File Save
  3. Add the second layer as before
  4. Save the project

I suspect you want the equivalent WFS layers which are called OEFFLINIENGOD (for all public transport lines: S-Bahn, U-Bahn, bus etc) and OEFFHALTESTGOD for all public transport stops. You need to filter both layers for U-Bahn only data.