[Python] [ReportLab] embed OSM map on A4-PDF page

I need to dynamically generate in Django application PDF file (A4) report with Map fragment with position marker.

With Google maps - there are restriction to reprint (only for personal usage, publishing in print mediums is not allowed, is not it?)

In Python ReportLab is well known library to generate PDF files.
Is there ready-to-use solution(s) to do it.

P.S. The same question - with Access reports.

I don’t know of an existing solution to this off the top of my head. To get the map fragment, it is possible to use the tiles from the OSM server. If your application is likely to generate many requests, this could be blocked in the future however. The marker would need to be added with image processing software, or possibly to the PDF as a layer (I don’t know about PDF).

Other options for tiles are Cloudmade or the new Open MapQuest tiles http://devblog.mapquest.com/2010/08/24/mapquest-opens-tiles-and-style-enables-rapid-data-updates/ , if their licenses are compatible with your usage.

If installing mapnik is an option, you can generate your maps on the fly, add your markers and include them in the PDF.

I’m not sure about all the output formats mapnik has, but I think even PDF is possible.


a very good looking open source web service that generates PDF maps ist http://www.maposmatic.org … look at their sources and the map results … is that in the direction that you need?