putting my own tiles after a particular zoom level

I am very new to osm & also mapping technology so need some help ,am building a map project & want to put my own tiles after a particular zoom level , please help!

Have a look at the OSM wiki at http://wiki.openstreetmap.org and start with the Beginners’ Guide … keep on reading the wiki, all information is collected there.

Also good to read: http://switch2osm.org ans http://learnosm.org

Then you have to decide how you want to display your tiles: OpenLayers.org ? leafletjs.org ? khtml.org?

If you know the general model of your displaying, then we can give you advice about particular zoomlevels etc.

Thanks for the link .

Hi osm members,
What I want to do is simply show open street map , centered in India and add some pointers or marker at specific places and when user hovers the mouse over pointers a pop will be seen(on mouse hover) and on click it will be redirected to different page.
so -
How to show osm?(centered in India)
how to add pointers or markers ?
how to show pop up on mouse hover over pointer?
how to give hyperlink to pointers or markers?

please help!

Tell us first what framework you want to use like I asked before:

OpenLayers.org ? leafletjs.org ? khtml.org ?

Each website of them have examples that will show all features, even about markers, how and when markers appear and how you can include weblinks.

So I really recommend to test all frameworks first, read its documentation intensively, and then come back here if you get stuck on a detailed problem.