Punjabi Language Tag Project

Hello all,

I figured I’d share these Map Roulette challenges in case there’s anyone familiar with Punjabi who can help with them - each of these is to help bring the name tags for the two written scripts, Shahmukhi and Gurmukhi, used for the Punjabi language to a point where they are 1:1, with every item that has a Punjabi name tagged in both scripts.

At the moment, any help would be appreciated, both in the form of reviewing existing tags and adding tags in either script. If you only are familiar with one or not the other, you may still be able to contribute in the one you are familiar with on a number of features relatively easily just from looking at the other language tags or the general name tag, especially since some place names are just composed of common Punjabi words.

I’m hoping to make this process faster in working on a program to convert between the scripts more easily. The existing tools are still too rudimentary to use for this at the moment, and the differences in the way the two scripts encode the language do require some amount of manual review regardless. In starting with manual tagging like this, it should become easier to get a sense of where and how the script conversion can be made easier, and over time the process can be one which is mostly just checking to see if conversions are correct rather than manually typing each one out.


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I’ll document findings so far more explicitly very shortly, but if anyone tries this and comes across chain stores like KFC, Subway, etc. that has brand:wikidata, just choose “Not an issue”! These can be taken care of easily with updates to the Name Suggestion Index.

City/town/village names are really the most critical thing that can require individual attention.