PunBB: Additional installed features

This forum is based on PunBB 1.2.x. Additionally the following modifications and plugins are used.

Affecting member usage:

  • Authenticate against OpenStreetMap userbase instead of separate forum accounts.
  • Deprecated: Registration math question to (hopefully) prevent spambots registering.
  • Easy BBCode
  • ANPOOP (All New Posts On One Page)

Affecting forum administration:

  • PunBB migration tool (used to import the original OSM Forum database from DaveL)
  • Forum cleanup
  • Merge forum
  • Global topic
  • Languages and styles
  • Broadcast e-mail
  • Database management

Currently testing (but don’t have time to spend on currently):

  • Adsense after first post
  • Mail list bridge


I’m open for suggestions to improve this forum.