Puerto Rico map !!

Hi, how could I download the Puerto Rico map from the setup utility?

More details please:

  • What setup utility are you referring to? There are decades of programs for OSM out there which have a setup utility.
  • What type of map are you looking for? Print? Navigation? Online? Offline? …

Hi eaviles83, maybe you can download it here: http://downloads.cloudmade.com/americas/caribbean/puerto_rico. There are original OSM file, converted shape files and even POIs. Good luck.

Using the navigator 10 free from mapfactor, I cannot see the Puerto Rico map in the install data setup. The map is for navigation. The software works fine on my gps device but it needs the map. I cannot use the osm directly becuase it needs to be transformed into a .mca file. My question is, how or where I can download these .mca files for Puerto Rico? I just read on other post that something similar happened with the New Jersy map (USA) and they managed to get it.

The mca files are created by the company Mapfactor. It’s not part of the OSM community.
Just send a mail to the registered mapfactor user.