public transportation in Israel

@Talkat: I disagree with you.
Of course they would be disappointed, but if you try to drive on Shabat with a bus you will be disappointed, too.
The same goes for night bus lines that are not driving the same route in the same speed daytime.

Before using OSM to route you through the country you will need a additional service, saying from when to when the routes can be used.

PS: I found even more website covering the public transport of Israel and added them in the first post.

Night busses are not the same.
Usually they even have their own (ref) number.

If we add hours-of-operation, then I would feel better about these only-in-the-morning routes.




Is it also possible to add more information about those train routes to the wiki page?

PS: Can you please link the names of the routes to the relation, so we will have more data connected.

Cute that wikipedia template… :slight_smile:

There’s a link on the relation id.
Note that there are small links next to it.
They let you analyze the relation in more detail.

Clicking on the small “a” you get the Relation Analyzer.
There you can see the length of the route, and even download gpx or kml files.

Clicking on the small “r” links to the Route Analyzer,
with similar data, and a visualization of the segments.