Hi there,

I don’t really understand how to use station areas. (

Why would I need the keys operator and network in a public_transport=station? I know they are optional, but you either have them in the relation (type=public_transport + public_transport=stop_area) or in the public_transport=stop_position.

The other question I have is: Can an area be a relation that holds the nodes? So that the shape public_transport=station is the relation?

This is the are I am currently working on.

No answer?

I recommend to ask in the high traffic german sub forum here again … there are more tagging-aware mappers for infrastructure in Germany, and even about railway issues.

Why? This is a general question about a bus station.

I was looking at that relation while sitting on a train yesterday. :smiley:
Sorry for my stupid question, but what does the relation bring into mapping? Why not just tag the station area with public_transport=station+area=yes+other usable tags?

The relation is important to understand that all the stops belong to the same station.