Public transport Belgium

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i think that i have postet this in the wrong forum.
Could someone have a look ?
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I think most of it comes from official data; user polyglot is the one who does/did most of the work on the topic. I don’t find detailed documentation right now, but I’ll ask around to post more details here

Thank you, Joost.
I ask this because the data for TEC found here arre really not correct. There are bus-stops who are since many many eayrs on other places or even not at her correct position since ever.
But if you go on the website from TEC and ask a trip to one of these stops, they are showed at theyr correct position.
On OSM, they are correct. So, they must be on an other database.
I need this to make my own maps (offline).

I can only speak for De Lijn. When Polyglot started to import the data from De Lijn, he first compared the data from OSM with the data of De Lijn. Indeed, several bus stops were not located at the same place in both databases. I believe, one of the biggest differences was around 1km. And since I verified that bus stop myself, I know De Lijn was wrong. This table is somewhere on the wiki.

From time to time I still have to correct some imported data, as the bus stop is moved or removed.

I doubt that Polyglot is refreshing the data based on the databases of the public transport companies. It is more likely that other mappers moved the bus stops to the correct location.

I made an export from all Belgian bus_stops in OSM with Qgis, that are roughly 69.000 single nodes.
Since last week I am correcting them in OpenStreetMap. The most bus_stops are correct in OSM, but the location is fairly a problem; some bus_stops are roughly 200 to 300m off the exact position and also not all lines that are mentionend in route_ref:De Lijn of route_ref:TEC are in service nowadays.

For example: see this changeset: