Public road on dam

I have a question about a public highway that is on a dam owned by the power company. It’s tagged as highway=service. I changed the Access tag from private to public. I’m now wondering if the highway tag should be changed to something other than service. The highway on both sides of the dam are tagged highway=residential. Should I change the highway tag? Any other ideas on how to tag this?


To me the tagging of the highway as residential is very odd, given the definition of it in the wiki:
I would go for highway=unclassified, removing the service part.
Many other roads in that area are tagged with residential where unclassified is more appropiate IMHO.

I wouldn’t be surprised if that is an artifact of the original Tiger data import for U.S. roads. Seems like everything from tracks through fairly main town roads was imported as residential. The ones without names are easy to spot as areas that probably need review and fixing.

Thanks for the reply’s. I agree the tagging is from the original Tiger data. It makes it hard for someone like me trying to learn when almost every road I look at as an example is tagged as residential.

I changed the road on the dam to unclassified. I will do some more reading on tagging roads before changing too meany tags but I thank a lot of the roads in this state are tagged wrong.