psv + bicycle lane in a road

I have no idea what is tghe right way to tag a lane of a road where only buses, taxis and bikes are allowed.
The lane is not separated from the rest of the road, there’s only a yellow line (yellow lines in Italy are used for restricted access lanes).
Here a picture,12.392578&sspn=14.091189,39.199219&ie=UTF8&ll=45.49025,9.152588&spn=0.00161,0.004785&t=h&z=18&layer=c&cbll=45.490162,9.151363&panoid=C3auWd9VpkE3zl_2UlaALw&cbp=12,218.9156547913761,0,-3.374439461883407 (gmaps Street View)

Thank you

If only public services vehicles are allowed then: highway=psv and if bicycles are also allowed then: + bicycle=yes

But that road is already tagged!

As I wrote in my post that road has 2 lanes and the psv/bike lane is similar to this:

Should I duplicate the existing road and tag it as you suggested?

I think that the lane is a property of the road, an additional tag, not a separate road that needs to be tagged as “highway”.
But I’m new to osm and I don’t know the secrets of rendering :slight_smile:

Thank you

Well you could mark it as cycleway=lane, and just leave the psv thingy to be. Or you could try to invent your own tagging to specify how the different lanes in a street relate.


or something like that, not sure what would be the best…

Ok, I misunderstood you. Well maybe analogue to cycleway=lane you could also add psv=lane. This might be signalled as wrong by some ‘testing applications’ but it might very well be a new standard in the future.

Well, I hope it won’t be. It mixes up with access tagging (psv=yes/private/no…), unlike cycleway=*, and it also loses information about the lanes’ order. There isn’t an established solution for it right now, however.

A proper solution, imo, needs to use separate OSM objects (probably ways, maybe relations) for lanes because it should be possible to add information to a single lane (e.g. surface=*).