Proposing to deprecate railway=razed and railway=dismantled

from my understanding, 2 is abandoned and 3 is razed, not sure about removed and dismantled. There is also destroyed, which doesn’t tell how much there is left, but that it isn’t neither easily repairable, nor that it was deliberate. (e.g. could be abandoned a very long time and “vanished” (not mappable?) or some essential parts broke, e.g. a landslide, raising waterlevel or something like this (mappable in its dysfunctional current state).
The meaning depends on the question, if you just want to know if it is operational, all of these mean the same.

Yes. If I remember the history, railway=dismantled was widely used in the UK in the early years of OSM but not documented in the wiki, and railway=razed was used in Germany, and was documented.

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