proposed mechanical edit: TESCO to Tesco

While they did write the brand in all caps on the signs, this is a design decision for the graphical representation of the brand.

The brand name itself is written as “Tesco”.

This is confirmed on the global brand corporate website:

as well on the website for the Thailand branch.

Currently we have 69 POI with an all-caps “TESCO” in Thailand. This is clearly a minority compared with the 214 POIs where it is spelled “Tesco”.

I suggest to alter the capitalization of “TESCO” into “Tesco”. Further on ensure that it is tagged as name/brand, not as operator.
I plan do an assisted change on POI types convenience store/supermarket inside Thailand.

Please comment if you have concerns regarding this edit.

Sounds good, Stephan. Proceed.

What about that strange operator tag for 7-Elevens? (operator=“Seven & I Holdings”) Did you ever resolve that issue?

I don’t think there are any “Tesco” stores in Thailand. All of them are probably actually “Tesco Lotus” (which itself is subdivided into different types of stores: There’s Tesco Lotus, Tesco Lotus Extra, Tesco Lotus ตลาด (Talat), and Tesco Lotus Express).

As for 7-Eleven, operator=Seven & I Holdings is blatantly incorrect, as the operator of 7-Eleven in Thailand is CP All. All instances of Seven & I Holdings in Thailand should be removed. (Not really convinced CP All should be filled in as the default, as we might want to distinguish between corporate-owned branches and franchisees.)

@stephankn, +1 on changing both CALTEX and TESCO.

Hello Paul,

You got me wrong. I am not suggesting to change the “Tesco Lotus” brand into “Tesco”, which would be simply wrong as you already mentioned. The website I linked is clearly mentioning Tesco Lotus being the Thailand branch of Tesco.

The change is about removing the all caps writing of “TESCO” in the brand name. As you already pointed out it is actually “Tesco”. Only capital T.

That they used all caps on the store sign is for design purposes of the Logo. It does not reflect the spelling of the brand.

The change would be limited to ensure that supermarket and convenience store tagged objects have that spelling in name/brand keys. Left over operators would be removed.

I prefer to do small steps so we still agree all on the changes. So further cleanup will be discussed in new threads. This can include cleaning up website/phone tags mentioning a global website/call-center instead of an individual feature. Similar for wikipedia tags.

I saw the undiscussed mechanical edit of “Bogumil” before where lots of POS had been “harmonized”. Was I supposed to do anything there? If so, I’m sorry. I completely missed that. Not even remembering having discussed it. I’ll going forward and open a new thread for that.

Ah, okay, then.