Proposed mechanical edit: CALTEX to Caltex


I saw presets still contain “CALTEX”.
Based on feedback and common tagging conventions I think that should be “Caltex”. This is also how it is spelled on the company website and on wikipedia.

Proposal is to not only change the presets, but also to do a mechanical edit and fix it in the database.
In Thailand we have 25 pois tagged. I would load them and then change name/brand tags.


I agree that the spelling should be normalized. Easy to edit too.

While you’re at it, might you be willing add “7-11” as an alt_name for 7-Eleven in your presets? Not super important but I think people probably search for that term more often than “7-Eleven”.



Had a look at one yesterday, and I guess “technically” the Caltex forecourt sign is actually capitalised, but I think mapping convention takes precedence, as its not actually an abbreviation (like PTT). So, yes, make the edits.

Task completed. Also updated presets.

JOSM auto-updates after a while. To force refresh look inside the cache folder and remove the file “*” to force a fresh download on JOSM restart. It is located in the hidden folder user folder “AppData\Local\JOSM\cache”. Typically C:\Users<account name>.