Proposal: Topic "Governance"

I propose that the site features a topic, where the working groups introduce themselves.

Motivation: When I read sentences, like “The community has to suggest thins until … and then the ‘governance team’ will decide on the fates”, this makes me curious, alas, my proposal.

In the future, this can be used to track changes in personnel and also a direct mail to discuss governance issues.

We summarized the initial governance structure in this topic, of course open for community discussion on how to evolve it

Not sure if that’s what you are looking for or something more like a changelog of discussions and decisions, which we intend to document in the open here.

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Hello Rubén, I sense a lot of hostility against the move of much of correspondence to this new platform. I myself consider the move having quite some potential to change things for the better. I think the move can only succeed, if the levers of power are documented as open as can be and this cannot be a historic post alone, nor a topic, as I just learned.

I think Governance should be worth a top level entry in the system. With ongoing press releases, but allowing for common users to nitpick on things of no substance. Yet, every once in a while, something useful may come out of it. Very often, a complete waste of time, but nobody ever said, openness is cheap.

Update: Something between navel gazing and introspection.

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We are on the same page. What we have been doing for now is hosting these governance conversations over the #site-feedback category but using the #governance tag to make sure people only interested in that can follow.

If the governance topics start to grow, we’ll probably consider having a separate category just for that, but initially we are trying to keep things simple and grow the categories organically, so we avoid having low traffic ones.

Please keep the ideas flowing, I think this process we are in is new for a lot of people and we’ll have to keep improving and openly discussing as we move forward. Thanks!

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