Proposal for how we tag toll motorways and other toll sections

The diagram, as shown above, is a proposal for how we should tag motorways and other toll roads.

We use toll=yes for motorways or roads that lead directly to and from toll barrier.

We expect a majority of motorways to be a toll road, so for consistency we use tag=no for motorways that have no tolls.

Motorways or toll roads do not immediately become toll=no after the toll barrier, and not until the next junction as shown above.

We ignore roads that are not accessible to the public when deciding whether a section of motorway is a toll road or not.

In this way, we show the extent of the toll roads in a reasonable way, and avoid marking sections as part of a toll road when it really isn’t, and vice versa.

The wiki is currently read-only due to maintenance, I will upload an SVG version later, with the corrected diagram as the middle dot should be a toll on both directions.

Debugging map: