Proposal Cycleworth - define how good a way is suited for cycling

As many of you know on I offer bicycle / mtb / hiking maps for Europe to downlad (mainly used by Garmin GPS owners). But even with the current wealth of keys, it is still impossible to know whether I should give priority to a way or not. I propose key=cycleworth to remedy that situation, and also have another key besides route=bicycle (which should be used for officially declared cycleroutes) to quickly allow for picking out the ways that are good to cycle.

This is clearly a subjective not objective key and not intended to be as objective as possible!!!

There are some subkeys, that further specify the usage class whenever needed (or in general). Theese are
cycleworth_rr (road cycling)
cycleworth_destination (getting from A to B quickly).

See the page here:

Please help getting this useful quickly, so that bicycledesignated maps / map authors can start using it!