Project hierarchy

Hi everybody!
Where can I find the administrative hierarchy of a project?
How and where can I appeal to the actions of local administrators?
Thank you!

What exactly do you want to do/ask?

There aren’t any local administrators here on OpenStreetMap, only servers administrators, forum administrators and so on.

There’s a bunch of information on about how the foundation is structured - they essentially support the project, but mappers for the most part just get on with it.

If you can explain your question in more detail, I’m sure that people will be able to help.

If you don’t want to do that publicly, drop an email to explaining the issue. That’s the Data Working Group (disclaimer - I’m a member). We may not be able to answer your question but might be able to point you in the direction of someone who can.

Thanks for your replies.

There is a systemic problem with someone who has a signature as “Data Working Group”. This someone has the rights to block users and undo edits, and this is probably why I called him an administrator.

The problem is the impossibility of establishing constructive communication. We don’t have answers to debatable questions, we have a very arrogant attitude and there is a dictate of one opinion, which is always right. We need an arbitrator or someone who can make a suggestion for a more friendly communication style and urge to listen to arguments. Sometimes people with admin rights start to lose self-control and gain the crown if you understand me.

You’re still welcome to drop an email to where someone other than the person you’re dealing with will handle the complaint; if you are unable to do that, or you do that and you believe that we haven’t dealt with your case fairly, then you can always contact the OSMF board directly.

I am new too, and I know nothing about cartography although I have engineering training. I have decades of real-life experience, and what I learned is that if you find “resistance” you should evaluate your options.

The scope of “right” and “wrong”, and opinion are a whole lot of wasted efforts.

I find OSM “policy” pretty clear on the basic issues: for example, if you live in the area you are editing, and you are submitting change-sets persistently marked something like “this is my block” - there is nothing and nobody to mistakenly object, resist or destroy your efforts. I think the docs are very clear about that.

The scope of this project is to build a map, not to build and manage a “social network” or even a “community” of some sort. I am personally very grateful NOT to be required to enter some sort of social network, or community, and “fit in” just to be permitted to build a map.

All I know is the mission to build the most accurate and functional map is not about forming opinions, it is all about gaining the skills to build a map.