program for track editing


im searching the whole day already but i cant find anything. Hopefully some of the more advanced users here might be able to help.

My goal is to create bicycle routes.
Right now im using to route the basic track
after-wards i clean the track (reducing the trackpoint number)

but which program is capable of moving trackpoints?(drag and drop) I already tried Viking, Prune, josm editor…all nice programs but for this purpose totally useless, or i missed the feature :confused:
Cant believe im the only one who wants such a feature…
The program should be open-source…i know googleearth can do it…but i would like to have an alternative


Have you tried the editgpx JOSM plugin? It’s supposed to work for cleaning up traces, but I haven’t used it myself.

no i didnt try it.

Josm was kinda wired…after reading a bit more about the program it was clear that its main purpose is map editing…and thats something totally different…so i didnt go into the details.
But i will try the editgpx plugin

I like Prune pretty much… Its fast easy to use but the editing feature sucks :confused:

Is QLandKarte GT any good for this?
It has some features for editing tracks. Though I’m not sure if you can move trackpoints.

this tool does what I am searching for but unfortunately it is a web application based on googleearth rather than osm