Problems with Routable mapsin Garmin ZUMO and Mapsource

Hi There.

I have been using OSM a short while on a Zumo 550.
No Problems there.

I recently bought a Zumo 660.
When using the OSM on the 660 causes the device to `crash’/Auto switch-off

I also noticed that when I use these maps in Mapsource they are not routable.
On selecting two way-points and calculating the route I only get a straight line.

Any sugestions

Kind regards

Have you been compiling the maps, or have you been downloading them from ?

Do you upload the same maps to the 550 and the 660 and they work on the 550, but not the 660?

Are you sure you have the “use auto routing” option set in MapSource? Similar setting on Zumo?

I Download them from garmin.openstreetmap.
I do not compile myself (just jet)

I do no longer have the 550 but i uploaded the the same maps to the 550 as now to the 660. At least the same types of download.
But until now i never used the maps in Masource. So I can not compare that to earlier maps.
For mapsource I used the Install file.
For the zumo’s I have used the gmapsupp as an direct upload but I also tried uploading the tiles with mapsource.
The result is the same. When I select the OSM maps in the zumo and start moving. after a couple of minutes the device just switches off.
I also considered the possibility that it has something to do with the SD card installed. I noticed yesterday that after switching the device back on Sometimes the maps are no longer available at all.

I am not aware of that function.
I never used Mapsource with other than the original Garmin Maps. But that means I should be able to switch that on for each map-set separately?
Where can I find the option

Auto-routing is set for MapSource (English) as “Edit|Preferences|Routing|Use Auto-routing” on the routing tab, there are also vehicle preferences “Pedestrian, Bicycle, Car/Motorcycle”.
I’m not aware that the Auto-Routing setting changes for each map separately. But it may have been set wrong accidentally, so it’s worth checking.
Do you have any Garmin copyright maps you can upload to the 660 to test?

I’m afraid I don’t know anything about Zumo GPSrs. You may want to also pose this question at a Zumo group if you can find one.