Problems with riverbank


I have been having big problem mapping the Niagara River between Ontario Canada and in New York State USA:

If you look at this in rendered by Mapnik, it 1st looks OK until you realize that there are many islands that are not being rendered. If you look at this area rendered by Osmarender, it is completely screwed up. I’ve submitted these tiles for re-render several times and they keep coming back screwed up.

I’ve split the river into multiple “waterway=riverbank” areas, one for each island in the river, then added each section and it’s respective island each to a relation “type=multipolygon” and set the island to inner and the river to outer.

I cannot figure out what I’m doing wrong and have been trying to fix this for weeks. Can someone take a look and give me a pointer?

Reminds me of the case I brought up a few posts below, at the thread “Islands: am I doing something wrong?”. There was originally a typo in a tag I used, but even after that was corrected, it still took many days for the display to come through correctly, while all other things I mapped were displayed correctly immediately. It did work out in the end though. The same happened to an island I drew somewhere else.