Problems with rendering oscm:symbols


I’trying to render some national hiking-routes in black forest (Germany). There are three main hiking routes (red_diamond, black_red_diamond and red_diamond with a white stripe. Blue_ and yellow_diamonds are more local hiking routes.

I use the following code in ‘relation’ file:

osmc:symbol=red:white:red_diamond { apply { set rote_raute_from_relation=yes; set rname=‘${name}’; } }
osmc:symbol=red:white:black_red_diamond { apply { set rote_schwarze_raute_from_relation=yes; set rname=‘${name}’; } }
osmc:symbol=blue:white:blue_diamond { apply { set blaue_raute_from_relation=yes; set rname=‘${name}’; } }
osmc:symbol=yellow:white:yellow_diamond { apply { set gelbe_raute_from_relation=yes; set rname=‘${name}’; } }

And this one in the ‘points’ file:

rote_raute_from_relation=yes {name ‘${name}’} [0x6000 resolution 21]
rote_raute2_from_relation=yes {name ‘${name}’} [0x6001 resolution 21]
rote_schwarze_raute_from_relation=yes {name ‘${name}’} [0x6002 resolution 21]
blaue_raute_from_relation=yes {name ‘${name}’} [0x6003 resolution 21]
gelbe_raute_from_relation=yes {name ‘${name}’} [0x6004 resolution 21]

where 0x6000 - 0x6004 are the specific icons in the TYP file.

All these hiking-ways are shown properly (if correct tagged).
But the following codelines don’t work:

osmc:symbol=red:white:red_diamond:white_stripe { apply { set rote_raute2_from_relation=yes; set rname=‘${name}’; } }
osmc:symbol=red:white:red_diamond:|:white { apply { set rote_raute2_from_relation=yes; set rname=‘${name}’; } }

The exact tag for these hiking route is:

osmc:symbol = red:white:red_diamond:|:white (see )

With the first codeline mkgmap renders the map, but no hiking way is shown. With the second codeline mkgmap crashes.
What is wrong! Has anybody an idea?

Best regards


Using quotes should work:
osmc:symbol = “red:white:red_diamond:|:white”

Otherwise the | is identified as or-operator.


Hi WanMil

of course I’ve to use quotes. It Works!!!:slight_smile:
Thank you for your kindly support.

Mest regards from Black Forest Germany