Problems with OSM and HTML-Overlay

Hallo Guys,

i’m Using OSM enbedded in HTML and controled by JS with PHP/MySQL Background.
Everything’s working quite fine and i really like OSM - worked on google-maps before (but it’s really expensive to use it in an comercial project)

So now my Problem:
on my HTML site there is a css menu, which lays upon all the other content. i’m also able to put it in front of Flash-Movies.
but how can i put it in front of the OMS?

thanks for your help
a very new OSM user and fan

This is unlikely to be a problem caused by OSM or OpenLayers. Speaking as a web developer myself, I’ve found this problem occurs with elements that are positioned (CSS position) or floated.

maah, i think you are right!

i had have a look at the DOM of the map via firebug and saw that the z-Index property is set almost to 794 and higher … hope it will be posible to change that

thanks for your input

i resolved the problem by adding those lines to my init Mathod in JS, using prototype. the id of my div where the OSM kind of “lives” in is map_canvas.

$(‘map_canvas’).getElementsByTagName(‘div’)[1].style.zIndex = 1;
$(‘map_canvas’).getElementsByTagName(‘div’)[2].style.zIndex = 1;