Problems with Cloudmade extracts


This may not be the right place to ask this, but anyway: Recently I wanted to print some Thailand maps and downloaded extracts from Cloudmade. I quickly found that there are roads missing all over the place. Often nodes are left behind, so you can see where a road should be. I notified them and waited 6 weeks for the next map update. The problems are the same and appear in several of the files I looked at.

Has anybody come across this in other areas?

Are there any other extracts available for Thailand somewhere?


Basically, Cloudmade’s extracts are broken in various interesting ways, and have been for a long long time.

Try the Geofabrik extracts and see if you fare any better with those. If Thailand is missing, you can request them to add it.

Thanks Lpd. I looked at Geofabrik, but they don’t have an extract for Thailand and the whole of Asia is 1.6 GB compressed. Back to xapi, I suppose.

Hi! Take the .pbf file, it’s smaller: 1.1 GB.