Problems with Basecamp showing OSM features .

In Garmin Basecamp 426 version and 427 when I look at gates and cattle grids on public roadways I get a pop up tag that says it’s a " Bollard " not a gate or a grid . This somehow stops a route from going over that feature and reroutes all over the place around it . It only routes across it when the road is a dead end .
It will even force the route through a set avoidance area to get around the feature .
When I go into OSM editor it seems to describe one of these features as Barrier , gate , but no mention of a Bollard . Trying to figure out if the problem is in OSM or Garmin Basecamp . Has anyone else encountered this ?
I have reinstalled a new version of Basecamp , gone back to an older version , installed the latest OSM generic routable map and tried it in two other computers and it’s the same situation .
Could Gamin Basecamp be interpreting the barrier tag as a blocked road and throws up the pop up sign , "Bollard "
I’m grabbing at straws here . Can anyone help please .

There are many sites that make Garmin suitable maps using OSM data…
Which site are you using or are you producing your own using ?
I suggest you try a few varieties instead of being beholden to one type.

It would help to give a url link from the address bar of of a specific area of the map that has the problem you encounter.

There is a Garmin sub forum that is better suited to this type of question for next time. (You may have intended to post to it this time)

Seems he is using OSM generic routable from
Can you give the osm link of this feature please?

My map is from here said to be for Gamin
OSM generic routable with Mapnik .
I don’t think I am ever going to get an answer until someone recognizes the issue exists .
I will try the Garmin map forum but I don’t know if it’s a map issue or a Basecamp issue .
Thanks .

It is a mkgmap issue and also lacking of tags in the OSM data (no access tags entered, so mkgmap suppose it must block this road)