Problems getting newly added road names displayed on the rendered map

I’m new to OSM and keen to contribute. However my first attempt has not been succesful and I’m wondering if someone can help identify what I’m doing wrong.

3 weeks ago I added name tags to the following ways (in SG19 1JN, UK):

  • Monoux Place (60168306) (residential highway)
  • Park Road (4942536) (unclassified highway)
    I used Potlatch in Firefox. The Changeset is 4948248

However, 3 weeks later and the names still aren’t displayed in the rendered map (neither Mapnik nor Osmarender) even at highest zoom. The edits have been recorded and the name information can be seen in the Data sidebar whe I turn on the data overlay. It is also displayed as a tooltip when I hover the cursor over them in Edit mode. The names of roads with similar properties nearby are displayed, so what’s wrong with my roads?

Any help to resolve this would be much appreciated, and will encourage me to continue contributing!


I can see Monoux Place and Park Road labels rendered fine in Mapnik. Osmarender doesn’t have a high enough zoom level. Have you tried doing a proper reload of your browser (CTRL-F5 or CTRL-R)?

PS If you post a permalink like it helps others figure out where you’re talking about.

Thanks so much! Now I feel really dumb - a refresh worked! So my browser was using maps cached 3 weeks ago. Didn’t even cross my mind. Clever browser, silly me.
Cheers. I’ll post a permalink next time.

don’t mind: new member - old problem :wink:

had the same 6 month ago


btw: welcome to the club!!

You don’t need to “feel really dumb” as it probably isn’t “your fault”, but may rather be an artifact of how the rendering process in OSM works.

The main map (called “mapnik”) doesn’t automatically render things when the data changes. Instead, it marks those tiles that have changed as “dirty”. It does not render these tiles until someone actually looks at these. It then does try and render these on the fly to make sure that you always see the most up to date tiles, but depending on load, it may to render them quick enough and thus has to fall back to the old tiles. So it can happen that a road changes in the data and if noone looks at that part of the map for e.g. a year, you might end up seeing map images that are a year old. As then someone has viewed it, it will trigger the rerender in the background, and by the time you post the link to show the old data, it will have updated it and everyone else will see the area with out problems.