Problem with the coastline of Jamaica

This morning I saw that the south of Jamaica is having some problems with the coast line:

Obviously different zoom levels give different wrong renderings of the coastline.
I would guess that the natural:coastline tag has been removed, but I don’t know how to detect that in the history… Could someone have a loot at it?


One piece of the coatsline had the wrong direction (water should be on the right side). I fixed that (sorry that I used the wrong submit comment).
Too bad that it will take a little bit until the coastline is imported again (weeks) and I hope that this should fix the issue.

OK, thanks for fixing that… Too bad it will be visible for so long!

Damn, i forgot to include the link to the coastline :

It seems that the map has already been redraws, because the coastline appears fine (almost everywhere)! Thanks!