Problem with showing points in my etrac 20


show points with adress-information I added to my points_master

addr:housenumber = * {name '${addr:housenumber}'}
addr:housenumber = * [0x0209 resolution 24]

qlandkarteGT always shows red dots with the housenumber when there is such a point, but my Garmin shows the point only sometimes / seldom.
Question 1: Why?
Question 2: Is there a way to change this behaviour?
Question 3: Is it possible to create a rule in lines-options like “if there is any point in the line with addr:housenumber add the housenumber to the polyline”?


I think 0x0209 is not supported by Garmin.
See to check which poi types you can use. For addresses I’ve used 0x2900 and I recommend to use a TYP file so you can render it the way you like.
If there is a point on the line with any addr: tag, mkgmap will render it as poi so you dont have to specify it in the lines style.

I do not remember why I used 0x209

I use freizeit.txt from the freizeitkarte as a TYP-file. Actualy 0x209 is not listed there.
Now I try

addr:housenumber = * {name '${addr:housenumber}'}
addr:housenumber = * [0x0d00 resolution 24]



is used for something different, but I think that does not matter.

hmm … in some seldom cases I see such a behaviour but not in general. The --add-pois-to-areas is set.

Now it looks fine.