problem with OSM Monochrome - tiles server

hello, for my QGIS-projects, I often use the OSM-Monochrome wms background.
However, I have not been able to view it for a few days. Above each tile appears:

“Contact [[] if you want to mantein OSMdb and / or the wmflabs’ OSM tiles server”.

Does this also happen to someone else? Does anyone know if there is any way to fix it or is it a problem that is centrally dependent on OSM?


That problem won’t fix. The OSM-monochrome style was provided by a third party (wikimedia labs) that won’t continue the service.

So you will have to use another style (background map) in the future. Stamen toner or Carto positron might be feasible, but the data may be outdated. See for more options but please note that all wmflabs tile servers won’t work anymore as of now.

Spiekerooger, thanks for the clarification. I am really sorry for the interruption of the service (hopefully only temporary). I’m still grateful to the developers for using it for so many years.

A much easier approach is to use the standard OSM-Carto & select a symbology which renders it in greyscale (I think I use equal luminance). I often do this when using a coloured base map clashes with the information I am presenting.

Thanks SK53, you gave me a good suggestion!
In the OSM wms (standard) Layer property I’ve reset the Saturation, adjusted the Grayscale and Contrast parameters and the background has become so very similar to the original Monochorme OSM.