Problem with OpenLayers on Android


Need help to find a bug:

An OSM map with several layers doesn’t show the layers in Android 4.0.3, the layers are covered by basic layer. Other Android versions are working fine, all layers are indexed.

Here is a link:

Has anybody an idea why it will not work properly?

Is it only in Android 4.0.3 ??

And what browser have you tested? built-in browser of android, Opera, Firefox, Dolphin, Chrome … to name but a few.

And what Openayers version do you use exactly?

PS: works for me in Android 2.3.7 (cyanogenmod) and opera (old version)

It is tested and works fine with Android 2.3.4, 4.1.1 and 4.1.2 with built-in browser and WebView. Now I can add 2.3.7 - thx.

Only on 4.0.3 the failure happens.