Problem with modifications and updates

Hello everybody,
I appeal to you because I have made some updates in this area :
It’s “La Châtre” in France. So I made some changes and little corrections but none of the changes I made it’s is really taken by the platform since 1 year, I think of parks and other special areas. If someone have any answer to my question, tell me anything.

I think you have to provide more details. Which platform does not take your changes? What details are missing?

The OSM database has received more than 1000 edit changesets from your account, so the changes are definitely being applied to the database. I checked a few of the recent ones, and the changes are reflected in the data, so I don’t see a problem. Like GerdP said, you’ll have to give us more details about what isn’t working.

You have to know that the changes you make end up in the database on From there other sites make copies of that data. Some sites do it on a daily basis, others monthly, and well others only took the copy once.
So depending on which site you are looking at, the data can be up-to-date or very outdated.

Another factor is that not all data is visible on all maps. So when you add for example a maxspeed tag to a road, you will never see this on This is also true for certain types of POIs.

Also keep in mind that for some smartphone apps, it’s up to you to download a new version of the “map”.

I notice you have downgraded some statue from areas to points, e.g. . I think the real problem here would have been that you didn’t have area=yes, although the vast majority of these are points, so it possible that few, if any, renderers will render them when they are areas. Regardless of whether they are rendered, if the area was accurately drawn, replacing them by a point reduces the information in the map and shouldn’t be done.

(In this case, you also mapped the area, so you were not damaging someone else’s work.)