Problem with

Hi, is it only me, or does everyone have a problem with

For at least two weeks I’ve been seing this message “Sorry, due to server problems only country maps are currently available. You may need to refresh the browser cache first (CTRL-F5).”. Nothing I can think of helps. I need to download some maps soon, I am already traveling (by bicycle) and in a few days I will run out the map I have. Can someone help?

I do not mind “country maps” - I need Italy, but I cannot find any country maps there. Anyone…?

PS. I tried also but for unknown reasons maps I download from there are not being seen by my Garmin eTrex20 (it does not see the img file at all and this problem has lasted for a few years now so I gave up on

I have the same message about server problems, but the whole page is shown.
Under Europe I can choose Italy and I get e-mail and url to show 57 users in front of me and waiting time almost 6 hours.

Website seems to be a little slow


Anybody knows when this will be resolved please?
“Sorry, due to server problems only country maps are currently available.”

at the moment, it does work for me. Checked with Germany and Italy, got a link to a server ftp style where I could download maps like this:

[ ] osm_generic_new_windows.exe 796M Map installer for BaseCamp / MapSource on the Windows platform.
[ ] 812M Compressed file containing the tiles and overview map. This is useful for applications like Qlandkarte and Linux users.
[ ] 795M Map installer for BaseCamp / Mac OSX platform.
[ ] 772M Compressed file containing a single image that can be placed directly onto the SD-card of the GPS. Unzip first!

the behaviour is probably dependent on current server load


Pick a site which works for you from here

Same problem here. Already for weeks. I can download the map for Belgium, but it doesn’t render a new map. Instead I get an older version (June 2020) and I’m sure that the map has been updated a fews times since then. Bummer…

I am using to download the latest version of the map of France.
I realize that the version is old and from June 20.
It seems that it is no longer updated.
the problem is the same for other countries.
Thank you for your comeback.

You got a link but it’s an old link. example Italy :

Look for other options. is not updated anymore by its owner and despite numerous attempts from the dutch community, the owner does not respond.

strange that nothing has changed :confused: