Problem with forum login when using Open ID on Openstreetmap

I want to let you guys know about a authentication bug I just noticed with this forum and when using Open ID on OSM.

I just created an account with Openstreetmap (with username: jensendarren) using Open ID. However, I was unable to log into this forum and so had to create a second account (jensendarren1) so that I could log into the forum.

I would really prefer to be able to use one account for both this forum and OSM when using Open ID otherwise, if this is not possible, I would then prefer to convert my account from using Open ID to using standard login.

Keep up the good work!

Exact same problem here :slight_smile:

The forum uses the OSM API to authenticate the user.

Does any of this help?

The API needs full HTTP authentication so perhaps you need to enter the password in your OpenID account?