Problem with downloading a map with detailled description

Hi Community,

I am trying to create a map for several canoe trips in beautiful Sweden. OpenStreetMap has on one hand a really detailled map and on the other a possibility to download and customize it offline which is both great. Unfortunately I am facing the following problem:

*Picture 1 - Edit Mode
As you can see in the screenshot above (it is the “Edit”-Mode) there is a detailled naming for the island and even the camping spot is shown there. This is exactly what I need.

If I switch to thex “Export”-Mode the map changes and what I get is the following:

Picture 2 - Export Mode

I don’t see any chance to overlay additional information in this mode since the only thing I can do is choosing between the standard, bicycle etc. maps. Is there any way for me to get access to the kind of map I have in the “Edit”-Mode?

Thanks for help in advance.

All the best

Try and app like Maps.Me or OsmAND: the export imagery is very limited in usefulness.

…or Locus Map if you have Android. It supports fully offline maps (OSM-based), and themes to customize the display. It won’t look exactly like your first screenshot, but all the info should be there.

See also with their excellent matching theme.

Locus is probably the best map app for outdoor recreation.

Thanks for your fast reply to both of you. The other platforms you recommended are all based on digital devices. Since we are not planning to take our mobiles with us, is there any way to print such things? And furthermore why are there different types of maps between “Edit” and “Export”/“Normal”? In my opinion it should be possible to see all the additional that is given in the “Edit”-Mode as well in the “Export”-Mode, correct me if I’m wrong.

So: No chance to download the map we see in the “Edit”-Mode from OpenStreetMaps?:frowning:


You should probably check this:

Most of the detail you see in the editor are the Finish national topographic map (MML) as a background layer. You can obtain PNG files of various map scales directly from them:

Sorry right answer, wrong country, try You can get a pdf of an area through the website (probably no larger than A4).

A bit of self promotion, and not really an answer to your question: For printing topo maps, have you tried ? It uses OSM data, but generates map in the same style as Terrängkartan.

(Sweden only, I’m afraid – I don’t have infinite disk space. :slight_smile: )