Problem with displaying of cities in different zoom levels

I`m new in this and I need some help and I apologize in advance for my English :slight_smile: , so … I have installed (difference is that I use the file bulgaria.osm.bz2, instead for whole world, downloaded from “geofabrik”) and now use Mapnik2 and Mapquest - us style but I have problem with displaying of big cities on low zoom levels. On zoom level 6 shows up some cities and on level 7 - hide some and display other, in next levels everything is fine. But I can’t understand that because I have made different <Style … for this levels but they use same <Layer (common pgsql query)

[name] = 'Варна'(Varna) or [name]='Бургас'(Burgas) or [name] = 'Пловдив'(Plovdiv) or [name] = 'Велико Търново' (Veliko Tyrnovo) 12500000 6500000 [name] [name] = 'Варна'(Varna) or [name]='Бургас'(Burgas) or [name] = 'Пловдив'(Plovdiv) or [name] = 'Велико Търново' (Veliko Tyrnovo) 6500000 3000000 [name] ...... cities-low-zoom1 cities-low-zoom2 (select way,place,name from planet_osm_point where place in ('city','metropolis') and name in ('Варна'(Varna),'Бургас'(Burgas),'Пловдив'(Plovdiv),'Велико Търново' (Veliko Tyrnovo)) and (capital is null or capital<>'yes') ) as placenames ..... ? I want to show on map those 4 cities but in level 6 there is 2(Burgas,Varna) of this cities, in level 7 - 3(Burgas, Plovdiv, Veliko tyrnovo) .... strange for me. In db in table planet_osm_point for every city - place='city'. Is there other criteria for displaying of cities or .... ? I will be glad if someone can help or guide me in some way ...