Problem with croatia map

When i zoom out the map in mapsource from 5km to 3km the island krk, cres … change the color from white to black and i can’t anymore see the streets. The rest of the map doesn’t change the backcolor and is still usable.
Is that a known issue and what can i do to fix that problem ?
Thanks in advance

It is very important to know which map you have downloaded.

The download is from

Can you provide more information please?
Which map version? (Generic routable with/without typ file, Generic New Style, Openfietsmap?)
Can you make a screenshot?

Ok, I have now downloaded some examples, can’t see any issues:

This is the Generic routable map without typ file: the rendering is crap with those horizontal and diagonal lines, but this is the “normal” Garmin style rendering of the landuses. When you include a Mapnik typ file it should look a whole lot better.

This is the Generic Routable “New Style”, looks much better:

This is the Openfietsmap (Full version of Europe from my site, with contour lines and DEM hill shading)

Thanks for your help.
I’ve made a new installation, but the Problem still exist.

OSM-Croatia MapSource Zoom 5km

OSM-Croatia MapSource Zoom 3km, here changes the background to ‘black’ on the Island Krk

OSM-Croatia MapSource Zoom 700m, here you see that the error only exists on the Island, on the mainland it stays ‘white’

OSM-Croatia BaseCamp Zoom 700m, ith BaseCamp there is no changing the Colour

Are your Screeshots with MapSource or BaseCamp ?

Hi harley-rider,
your screen shots look like an overview map only view. Please try to press Ctrl+G to switch to normal view.


Hi Gerd

Thanks, but thats not the solution.
When i press CTRL+G, i switch off the Details and see only the overlay.

Harley, I have made my screenshots with Mapsource v.16.6.3 (latest and final release).
Your Mapsource version look different (older) so I guess you need to update Mapsource.
BTW the black surface is probably the big polygon of place=island, probably older versions of Mapsource don’t render this very well.
Or do you have a custom TYP file?

Yes, I have reproduced your issue with Mapsource 6.13.7 :smiley:

I work with MS 6.13.7
I installed the OSM Italy Map and have the same Problem.
Now i installed your Eurpe Map and with that Map there is no Problem.


OK, I think i can solve that by changing the typ file.
If you are using the Croatia map of the Generic New Style, then you can replace the typ file
Let me know if it works for you.

Thanks a lot, it works.

Can i also replace with this typ File other typ Files, e.g. OSM Italy 24380.typ or when i download a custom collection the 2000.typ ?

Thanks Beat for reporting and testing, I have updated the typ file so in future updates it should be corrected.
You can replace the Italy typ too, but the Family ID has to be changed too. This could be done with Javawa GMTK or Typviewer.