Problem while editing - help requested

I have got stuck while editing. I think that if I continue to try to fix it I will probably just make it worse. I am also not sure how to reference it, but the following should explain the problem:

“Changesets by Frank Si
Left Turn Only replaced. I have got stuck trying to make last bit of St Albans Road (connecting with Craven Park Road) 2-way.
Closed about 11 hours ago · #40935856
Deleting Left Turn Only is temporary so that other operations can be carried out.
Closed about 11 hours ago · #40935667
Added small bit of road which probably does not have its own name, which runs alongside part of Craven Park Road (and may officially be part of that road).
Closed about 11 hours ago · #40935464
Added No Right Turn Saint Thomas’s Road into Craven Park Road.
Closed about 11 hours ago · #40935134

In case it is not clear, the crucial bit is: “I have got stuck trying to make last bit of St Albans Road (connecting with Craven Park Road) 2-way.”

The issue is at junctions of St Albans Road, Craven Park Road, Saint Thomas’s Road in Harlesden, London NW10, UK.

We are talking about:

With iD, apply the scissors to then remove the oneway attribute from the stub of the road to the North of it.

Incidentally, regarding in the UK, residential service roads parallel to major roads normally have the same name as the major road. I assume this road is residential, and not a back alley.

Thanks hadw.

I had a go at fixing this (by a more long-winded method involving deleting more and putting it back in), before reading your entry, and thought I had got it right; but looking at it again I am wondering whether my latest change is not being displayed yet. I think I should leave it for a while - and I am going to be too busy to deal with it probably.

Is there a Sandbox for practising in? This page seems to be talking about a much more complicated type of Sandbox.

I see that someone else has already asked the same question:
and the answer seems to be much too complicated for me to understand how to implement.

The only thing you have really done wrong is to not copy the attributes of St Alban’s Road onto the section that you have split off. JOSM has the tools that can copy attributes but I don’t think you can do that with iD, so you will need to transfer them one at a time (obviously leaving out oneway).

However delete and re-add is generally a bad thing as it it loses the history of the feature, in particular the copyright ownership of each bit of mapping (or who polluted it from a commercial map). In this case, I think you had only just added the residential service road, so there is no point in reverting. However you do still need to copy the attributes of St Alban’s road onto the two way section, and you should look into whether there is any reason why the residential service road should not be named.

Given that is probably Craven Park Road, the stub may actually be part of that. You should be able to check by using the OS street bounding box data, whose name temporarily escapes me. The location of the street name signs may give a clue.

Although this is in Brent, and Brent publish detailed information on adopted roads, I don’t believe that is cleared for use on OSM.