Problem uploading from Merkaartor

Hi people. I’ve got a problem uploading directly from Merkaartor. This is the problem that appears:
There was an error uploading this request (400)
Server message is ‘Bad Request’
I use the last Ubuntu release (9.04). I can download without problems, but not upload. Any idea?

please tell us the exact version of merkaartor you try to use.

You need a recent version 0.13.x to be compatible with the new OSM api 0.6 …

Merkaartor version: 0.12
QT version: 4.5.0 (build 4.5.0)

is there any binary package for ubuntu 9.04? Installing it from source code give me some errors…

I have got a Merkaartor binary (0.14-svn, already a few weeks old) from Ubuntu Hardy. Runs on my Archlinux as well. But it has 31 MB. If you’re interested probably I can send it to you.
Well, I could compile a new version then…

If you’re interested in this binary, tell me. I’ll try to host it somewhere then.

Will it work on Ubuntu 9.04? If so, I’m interested. Don’t u have it on a server where download directly? And the most important thing, will it upload changes make in merkaartor? Anyway, I think i’m not the only user with this problem, and i’m sure there will be an easier solution. E-Mate, if u can, send it to me…

It will work in any linux system if the dependencies are installed, I guess.
Compressed it’s only 14 MB of size.
Probably you have to move all those files manually, but for me it works keeping it in the folder (although it’s not creating any menu entries, you have to do it yourself, as it’s not a package).
I have compiled it today.

I’ve not found a better solution so fast.
Download merkaartor-r15130.tar.gz from
Probably I’can set up a Launchpad project, but they want to have packages most time…

EDIT: Yep, it works with API 0.6. Probably you have to set the setting before (not sure if it’s set automatically) Preferences → Data → OSM → Use 0.6 API


thanks E-Malte, it works as i expect!

Nice to hear.
Well, send me an email over OSM, if you want a new version compiled.

E-Malte, how can i put as background yahoo aerial images??