Problem, topic, new posts already watched.

When looking in the forumlist, “new posts” topic is highlighted.
You look in this topic posts, scroll through, see posts, close topic.
Go back to the list and see, topic is not highlighted anymore.
Close websitepage.
Then turning on, the same topic is highlighted again, new posts, you think, go and watch, but there are no new posts.

This is annoying.

Is there something wrong, with collecting, saving the watched data.

If I understand your problem well, I would just open the pages in separate tabs.

The problem is the site (cookie?) does not remember well what I have seen or when starting, again, does not read well the data I have seen. (history). And give me new posts, what I have seen already.

That is not a good option, it gives to much handling to open a new page in a new browser tab.

I’m not technical enough here, I try to deal with more social side of this forum. Please try to speak about it with Hakuch directly.

I read something about switching to other program then fluxBB. Where Hakuch in working on.
Better to wait for that, I suppose. Do not give him to much problems on his plate, I suppose, he is busy enough for us. :wink: