Problem rendering coastal lines / water

Hi map-masters!!

I’m doing simple game with Unity and loading vector tiles from MapTiler.
Most things seem to be working fine but I am not receiving water, coastal lines or bigger land masses. I have very little exp with OSM/Vector tiles so I’m deeply sorry of my stupidity - it runs in my family.

Im using earcut and

Any idea what could cause this? Currently I´m loading all the features available… (I think)

The tiles I’m using:

Thanks a lot!

  • Juhani

Sooooo… Do I need to load multiple tilesets for em? Does the webgl renderer render some extra layers there?
I can see that there are specific land sets like this:
And MapTiler has also sets like:

Is extra tiles like that usually needed or is my tesselation, loading or rendering fucking up the original tiles? :sunglasses:


  • J

I wish I had friends, those map-rendering experts kind. Then I could make map to find map-rendering expert friends.


I found no friends here or elsewhere… This was very disappointing experience but I solved the issue by handling the multipolygons windings/holes better and 2 days of trial and error. I hope that helps no one as they are not my friends.

  • J