[Problem] JOSM and Bing...

Just noticed a problem with JOSM and Bing Layer.

When I used to zoom in below 10m with Bing Sat title enabled it would change to a higher resolution image as I zoomed in. Now though it doesn’t and I just get “No title at this zoom level”.

This seems to be UK based (least I have only tried it in the UK) in Kent, London, Manchester, and North Wales.

I am running version 6388 on Java 1.7.0_45.

Any ideas?

If you really mean a higher res. image (instead of just an enlarged instance of the previous zoom level) then please see aerial-background-imagery-disappears-in-p2-if-i-zoom-in-to-a-high-level-it-did-not-in-the-past (Microsoft bing has simply removed - whyever - the highest zoom level at some location). Does that help you?

Yes that’s what I mean. Well that’s a pain in the backside! If I open Bing Maps and zoom into the same area from 10m to 5m then the image changes to the higher resolution. Wonder why JOSM and Potlatch2 can’t see it any more?