Problem exporting maps


Since yesterday I am not able to export maps. I tried different locations (mostly London) and different formats (pdf is what I need). I searched the forum and tought it was a Wednesday problem, but… this morning is not working as well. Am I the only one?


You cannot use the export tab while the Mapnik database and map is updated, which starts every Wednesday.


could I ask you how long the update is supposed to last?

I should take less then one day, but I’m not sure about that.

I think something is quite fubar at the moment, because it appears that the weekly planet dump (on which the main OSM map is also dependent) has not taken place yesterday.

I see… Anyway what would be the right procedure to highlight a problem of this kind? Is the forum the right place?

Nope, afaik, the forum rarely used by the first hour OSM members and I never see any of the admins here besides Richard Fairhurst, the author of Potlatch (online editor).

Best way to report stuff like this is to join the #OSM IRC channel or send a message to the OSM talk mailinglist