Problem downloading

My downloads keep failing. Tried two computers and two lots of maps eight times. They always fail. The maps are smaller than those I’ve successfully downloaded before. Never had this problem before. Can anyone help?

Running Windows 7 Home on a desktop and laptop.

I assume you are trying to download maps frm and the server status at that site says one of the disks is full, so I suggest you use an alternative site from this list offers many different garmin suitable styles and I normally use those but there many other suitable sites to choose from.

Cheers for your help and for the links. I use MapSource and a Garmin 60CSx are they compatible with the maps on that site? If so some tips on the right choices would be much appreciated. Thanks

Any of the Garmin formats from should work. I guess ascii-variant is fine as long as you download an area with names in western lanugages. This is a rather new feature, so I did not had to make the choice myself before.

Thanks for the reply. I’m trying it out.