problem downloading from ( Free maps for Garmin brand GPS devices)


home page for Free maps for Garmin brand GPS devices get freeze with Loading data .
this problem exist for the last 2 days and still till now.

appreciate any help.


There are many places where you can download OSM-based maps for Garmin devices - which one are you having a problem with? Whichever one it is, you’ll probably need to raise it with them directly as none are directly managed by the same people who look after OSM’s central infrastructure.

Given that has exactly the same title “Free maps for Garmin brand GPS devices”, I assume it’s this site. It is also well known that this site often has problems.

@Aqaba Shark, please look in the Garmin subforum for solutions/alternatives, or on the wiki:

p.s. upon request from another forum user, I move this thread to the Garmin subforum.